The Power of a Systematic Approach to Process Improvement

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, September 28 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: Processing Innovation Stage (N24020)

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Title: The Power of a Systematic Approach to Process Improvement


When executed well, process improvement projects can launch food processors into Next Gen capabilities. When executed poorly, these projects can severely damage or bankrupt a company. As a result, many teams or process leaders approach system improvement projects in a piecemeal fashion – address each piece of the system as an isolated but related unit and ensure each piece comes together in the end as a coherent whole. The challenge with the “isolated but related” approach is that it’s either time consuming for processing companies handling everything in-house or highly expensive for those subbing the work out to engineering or consulting companies.

In this session, learn how equipment manufacturers can serve the food industry by implementing a systematic approach to the projects they address instead of handling RFPs as projects isolated from the broader system. Then explore how food processors reduce their costs substantially, by partnering with their equipment and software suppliers to handle their RFPs as an extension of their team through a wholistic and systematic approach to process improvement. In conclusion, step into a case study for a look at Deville’s Systematic Project Development Process.

Type: Processing Innovation Stage


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