The Latest HPP Packaging Innovations for Juices & Beverages

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Originally Aired - Monday, September 27 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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Location: Processing Innovation Stage (N24020)

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Title: The Latest HPP Packaging Innovations for Juices & Beverages


HPP is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) food and beverage preservation method that uses water and high pressure (6,000 bar / 600MPa / 87,000 psi) to inactivate foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms, in addition to extending shelf-life of products, while keeping all its organoleptic and nutritional properties intact, without the need for preservatives.

HPP In-Bulk Technology is Hiperbaric’s latest innovation for the large production of HPP beverages, which is based on a revolutionary concept in which beverages are processed in-bulk (before bottling). It delivers the world’s largest productivity, associated with the lowest processing cost and minimum energy consumption. Most importantly, it allows more juice to be processed with a variety of packaging options, regardless of the material, design or size.

HPP In-Pack, on the other hand, processes already packed or bottled products in their final packaging. Therefore, packaging needs to be flexible and water-resistant and options are limited to PET, PE or PP bottles. With these requirements in mind, Hiperbaric partnered with Petainer to offer juice manufacturers the Petainer Keg, the world’s first commercial PET keg for HPP beverages. This keg is revolutionizing how HPP beverages are packaged and is a breakthrough global innovation that offers beverage manufacturers safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient packaging. Petainer works with beverage customers in the non-alcoholic and alcoholic categories which include carbonated beverages, water products, juices, beer, cold brew coffee, kombucha, cider, wine, and spirits.

Discover the latest HPP packaging innovations for the HPP In-Bulk technology, with a focus on carton packaging, as well as the HPP In-Pack technology, with a focus on the Petainer Keg.

Type: Processing Innovation Stage


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